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October 2019

Nicolas Rhein
Edouard Crestin-Billet
CB Institutionnel

"2020: what changes?"


In the light of 2019, the year 2020 will have to face 8 major transformations:


  1. The emergence of a new ethology in which environmental and social demands take precedence over material preferences

  2. The rise of the 4th industrial revolution and the increasing digitalization of production and consumption processes

  3. Accelerating the energy transition and launching the European "green deal".

  4. The reform of pension systems and the labour market required by the ageing of the population

  5. Adapting medical care and health insurance to rising health costs

  6. The inflection of world trade and the relocation of production apparatus

  7. The adjustment of economic policy instruments by reducing the influence of monetary stimuli in favour of budgetary and fiscal incentives.

  8. Increasing political uncertainties: deterioration of global governance, growing social tensions in developed countries (Europe) and in the emerging zone (Chile, Hong Kong), weakening of the dominant American position and the approach of presidential and legislative elections in the United States.

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