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Our strength is to review and select the funds we want to work with.


Siega is an independent Third Party Marketer company based in Switzerland and specialized in distribution services of traditional and alternative investment funds. 

Our leitmotiv is to find funds which outperform the market, in a stable and steady way, always with low risk. We distribute funds which are fully transparent regarding to the investment process and whose management is available to their investors.

Our team, strong of its long experience and deep knowledge, brings to our clients a selection of funds that outperform and that cannot be found elsewhere in Switzerland.

Siega S.A. was created in 2015 by Nicolas Rhein & Imane Picone.
The founders are responsible for Siega’s overall performance and compliance, providing strategic direction, effective governance and leadership.

The management team brings to market a unique combination of high skills on financial services and distribution expertise.
Our company is strong of 4 Sales & 2 Employees.
Founding Partner

Nicolas has more than 30 years of expertise. 

Nicolas covers the funds analysis & the selection of funds.

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Founding Partner

Guided by the belief that only when we apply our best, we are able to excel and demonstrate profound abilities, Imane is the Head of Marketing and Sales.

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Cécile Migliore
Head of Sales

Cécile has more 20 years in asset management industry.

CEO of High alpha capital for 2 years before the merge with Siega SA.

Specialist on High Frequency trading regulation for ESMA-SEC-2017.

Head of Client servicing in a European Bank.

Msc in financial market-capital raising.

Tailor Funds Specialist

Aymeric Pélissier started his career in finance in 2016.


Since September 2020, Aymeric became the Tailor Funds Specialists.


He now works in collaboration with Siega as Tailor Products specialist.


Siega thru an exclusive partnership with CB Institutionnel, provides clients investment strategies.


We furnish:

1) Allocation Process

2) Investment Advisory

3) Funds Selection


Our market allocation process is defined by Edouard’s methodological approach.

An efficient selection of investments has to focus on other criteria than purely financial.

Edouard Crestin-Billet

- Sr. Partner at 1875 Institutional for 4years

- Managing Director, Chief Strategist & Head of Research at Mirabaud & Cie for 11years

- Managing Director, CIO, Member of the Executive Committee & Head of the Investment Division at Banque Edouard Constant for 2 years

- Managing Director & Head of Research at UBS for 15years

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