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Tailor AM

Tailor Credit Rendement Cible UCITS Funds invests and manages very actively a portfolio of investment grade corporate bonds with a current maturity of 2028. In 2028, the management team will set a new target maturity between 0 and 8 years. As a result, over time, your capital will be less and less sensitive to change in interest rates as you move closer to the maturity of the bonds in your portfolio. The returns are historically well improved by the very dynamic management of the fund. It is a solution adapted to the context of rising interest rates. TCRC is a Morningstar 5-star bond fund. This fund provides very strong visibility on an investor's bond performance stock between subscription and 2028, the average maturity of more than 60 investment grade corporate bonds in the portfolio.

Tailor Credit Short Duration UCITS Fund invests in bonds with no geographical or rating constraints over a maximum investment period of 2 years. The investment only takes place if the issuer already has in cash several times the amount of the future repayment.

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