Siega Funds Distribution is a FINMA authorized and regulated independent Third Party Marketer company based in Switzerland and specialized in distribution services of traditional and alternative investment funds. 

Our leitmotiv is to find funds which outperform the market, in a stable and steady way, always with low risk. We distribute funds which are fully transparent on the investment process and with a management available to their investors.

We intend also to be a partner to the funds we distribute, interacting frequently with their management on potential improvements and giving them feed-back from our clients,

Our autonomy allows us to focus on our clients’ best interests, with the aim of becoming their valuable partner in fund selection.

We have the exclusive distribution rights in Switzerland for all the funds we propose.

Our single focus is to provide Swiss services to foreign funds distributed exclusively to Qualified Investors.

Our team, strong of its experience and knowledge, brings to our clients the selection of funds that outperform and that cannot be found elsewhere in Switzerland.


Our freedom is to review and select the funds we want to work with.

We focus on a limited number of funds, as we reward quality rather than quantity of our selection.

We conduct a full market review including competitor analysis, product review, communication, audit, investor, consultant and adviser interviews, and sales analysis.

We undertake an extensive due diligence on the management company and the targeted fund (annual reports, prospectus, sustainability of the out-performance, investment process, risk management process, etc.)
We understand the importance of being transparent with high due diligence standards.

Our aim in these interactions being the understanding of the strategy, investment process and risks for each fund.

We maintain a very close contact with the funds’ managements in order to monitor the performance and suggest improvements to the product accordingly to our client’s comments.
We select funds that have very specific characteristics:

•    Steady outperformance versus markets and peers
•    Limited volatility
•    No black-box
•    Fostering ESG Funds (Environmental, Social, Governance)
•    Adapted to the Swiss market demand


Our Board 

François Canonica, Chairman of the board – Former President of the Geneva Bar Association.

Marc Hauser, Secretary of the board – Vice Chairman of the Swiss Association of Wealth Managers. (VSV – ASG – SAAM)

Nicolas Rhein, CEO.

Siega S.A. was created in 2015 by Nicolas Rhein & Imane Kamali.

The founders  are responsible for Siega’s overall performance and compliance with all FINMA requirements, providing strategic direction, effective governance and leadership.

The management team brings to market a unique combination of high skills on financial services and distribution expertise.

Our company is strong of a team of 4 Sales and 1 Business Developer.


Siega Funds distribution | 26 Rue de Candolle 1205 Geneva | Tel: +41 22 525 67 67





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